Getting a Free MyTouch Phone

The Google MyTouch phone is definitely going to give the iPhone a run for its money and many people are very ecstatic that this amazing device will be in their hands.  The MyTouch uses the Google Android platform which has really developed nicely over the past year and has a very large variety of applications that work great and are ready to go.  Like most phones, there are a few ways you can get your hands on this phone for free.  Let’s take a look at the most common ways to do that.

Contracts are the method of choice for most people when it comes to getting a free MyTouch phone.  A contract is when you sign up with a mobile provider such as T-Mobile for a specific period of time like 12-24 months.  If you are planning to keep the phone and use it for the entire time, this is the very best deal around.  Many stores will simply give you the phone for free or they might charge 99 cents.  You will have to make sure you are able to make your payments each month for the entire time of the contract or you may face penalty fees.  Contracts have been the easiest way to get any mobile phone for free since they took over the beeper well over a decade ago.

Online store deals are another great way to get your MyTouch phone for free.  Many stores in your area will have a website that will offer you a free phone with a contract but they will also offer you all kinds of coupons, buy one get one free deals, and much more.  Even if you live right next door to a mobile phone store, check out their website to find their exclusive deals and coupons.  You could end up saving a ton of money, getting a free phone, or very low payments on your contract.

Special online offers are another way to get a free MyTouch phone but some of these aren’t always what they appear to be.  You’ve seen the ads for getting stuff for free and what most of these require is that you sign up for a couple of services like Netflix, Disney Club, and similar programs.  These offers will give you a free phone and if you’ve been thinking about services like these anyway, it can definitely be worth your time.